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"The first time she saw him, Marina knew that he was something special. His night black fur and striking deep blue eyes were nothing like she's ever seen before. Eyes like hers, for which she named him 'Azure'. She knew he'd never let her down, she could see the honesty and strength in his eyes. And over time, she would find out they shared a connection unlike any other child and dog. Something magical, otherworldly. And something that will drive her and Azure to the center of a wicked and dangerous adventure..."

This piece and the characters are based off a dream I had, which I've adapted (aka gotten carried away with) into a story! Marina the girl (12 years old) and Azure the German shepherd (age unknown), are a pair that share a celestial bond. They met when a mysterious wealthy old man passed away, and left his home, his dog and his entire estate to Marina, an orphan. She hadn't known him, and the mystery of her inheritance is the center of the first part of the story.

I don't want to reveal all that much, since the story is in it's infancy at this time. But I just HAD to draw these two! I uploaded four WIP shots to my deviantart page so you can get an idea of my process:

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