Posted by Katiebird , Wednesday, April 1, 2009 7:08 PM

Another finished piece for my last illustration class! This is an interior illustration for a children's book I've written about a giant house cat who rules his forest with an iron paw! A young girl named Heather comes along and tames his wild heart by becoming his best friend. She shows him all the wonderful things in his forest that he's been missing, and they have cool adventures! Here they discover a trio of baby dragons waiting for their mother to come home.

The story is based off a fantasy my sister had when we were kids, about our cat Mitten being big enough to ride around on. I made this piece as a gift for her too, which I promised to her when Mitten died several years ago. But I wasn't confident enough in my skills to make it until now, so I'm glad I waited. =)

13" X 16" marker, colored pencil and acrylic paint on bristol

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